In a career spanning over three decades, Joe has become a renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist, didgeridoo player and influential figure in the development of contemporary Indigenous music.
Support Joe’s campaign to achieve acceptance of his beautiful Anthem Combined, Australia wide.He writes music of bravery and beauty, telling of Aboriginal life in Australia, of the quest for justice and belonging, of history, family and love.
Joe is also renown for his visual art.  His paintings share the essence of his Aboriginal and Islander culture.

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Joe's Art
His latest works have stories and messages of their own, he draws his inspiration from culture, nature and current affairs.
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Joseph Geia


  •     Direct Licensing Policy1.1   This is the direct licensing policy for Joe Geia. Within Australia, the licensing of our sound recordings and music videos for public performance or transmission is handled by the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA

  • 1.2   PPCA licensing encompasses broadcast within Australia.

1.3 The PPCA grants licences for sound recordings and music videos to the following types of businesses and for the following purposes:

  1. a) festivals;

  2. b) concert venues;

  3. c) radio stations;

  4. d) television stations;

  5. e) nightclubs;

  6. f) restaurants and cafes;

  7. g) schools and universities;

  8. h) gymnasiums and fitness centres;

  9. i) music on hold;

  10. j) community halls;

  11. k) childcare centres; and

  12. l) other

1.4 Within Australia, the PPCA also handles the rights to reproduce and communicate artwork associated with a particular sound recording or music video for display in conjunction with the communication of that sound recording or music video to the public by means of a webcasting service, interactive webcasting service or an audio only broadcasting service (such as iTunes) licensed by the PPCA.

1.5  If you require a licence for the public broadcast or transmission of one of Joe Geia’s sound recordings, music videos or associated artwork within Australia you should contact the PPCA at or call (02) 8569 1111.

1.6 Once you have paid the licence fee and have signed the licence agreement you are permitted to use the sound recording and/or music video in accordance with the terms and conditions of the licence.

1.7 You will also need to contact the Australasian Performing Rights Association and the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (APRA/AMCOS) to acquire a licence from them for the use of the musical works and lyrics. See or call APRA /AMCOS on 1300 852 388 and ask to speak with their licensing department.